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Heaters for EVERY application, including:
Modular pump line heating
Pump exhaust line heating
Quartz immersion heaters
In-line Air/Nitrogen gas heaters

Innovation in Thermal Integration
Semiconductor processing requirements are changing at an exponential rate. Wafer fabrications are demanding more precise temperatures and tighter process control to meet the changing standards for ever smaller submicron dimensions and larger wafer diameters.

Watlow has responded to these process specifications by working in partnership with equipment engineers and developing new heating and control solutions for most types of equipment. Providing an innovative thermal solutions has been the hallmark of Watlow's partnership with global semiconductor equipment engineers.

Finding a partner that understands your process can help you keep the pace. At Watlow, we understand heating, sensing and control technology and its integration throughout the entire semiconductor fabrication process.

Watlow knows that quality is the answer to the high cost of fab downtime. We have TQM and ISO 9000 commitments, and offer three-year warranties on our entire line of process controls.

A single microscopic dust particle can destroy a device in final testing. Watlow realizes the industry's stringent contamination tolerances. Based on each customer's unique specifications, Watlow may supply our products with combinations of special cleaning processes and hemetically sealed cleanroom packaging.

From ancillary heating of abatement systems to core wafer process equipment to environmental test and burn-in chambers you will find Watlow heaters, sensors and controllers in every step requiring heat.