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Product Lines

Silicon Glen Technology supply a wide range of equipment and services to the semiconductor and related industries.

This page lists the companies we represent and the products we supply. To find out more about the products, click on the manufacturers name or their logo on the right hand side. We will be happy to provide further information; data sheets, technical reports etc. on request.

Accelerated Analysis

Accelerated Analysis are specialists in analysing chip failures. They teach Failure Analysis seminars and manufacture a range of specialist failure analysis tools and fixtures:

Failure Analysis Equipment, Books and Seminars
Polishing equipment and accessories
Cross section and parallel polishing fixtures
Range of polishing media
Liquid crystal solutions
Selective nitride etch

2006 Seminar

Wafer Failure Analysis for yield enhancement

Holiday Inn Glasgow 4-8 Sept 2006

Accelerated Analysis

Accurate Gas Control Systems

Temperature control systems which eliminate condensation in gas lines - regardless of distance.
Temperature controlled jackets for gas cylinders
Heat trace for gas lines

Chiller/Heater recirculator for any application

accurate gas control systems

The MAC-10 is the original low noise, self powered HEPA filter unit. It includes the HEPA filter with integrated pre-filter, fan and baffles in less than 13" depth. Range of sizes for standard ceiling grids.
Recent Improvements: self regulating, quieter and centralised bank control.

Materials Development Corporation
A range of C-V Plot systems with automatic qualitative and quantitative analysis of C-V and other key surface properties.

Direct Mobile Ion Measurement
Lifetime Measurement
Doping Profiles
Triangular Voltage Sweep
Surface Defect Analysis
Cassette to cassette systems
materials development corporation

Heated chemical process baths for batch immersion with or without recirculation. Made in 
Quartz, teflon or stainless steel depending on chemicals and application.
Megasonic baths and process systems
External IR Heaters

The Persys Group
External pyrogenic torch systems - for improved furnace temperature and oxidation uniformity
Hydrogen exhaust burn box, allows safe hydrogen anneals
Clip-on single wafer CV dot masks for use with most sputter systems
the persys group

Automatic cleaning systems designed for a range of "Brand Name" equipment parts including:
Diffusion Tubes - vertical & horizontal
Quartz & Metal Bell Jars
Etch & Deposition Chamber Parts
Photoresist Coaters
Quartz Boats & Fixtures

Process Control
Process Control equipment is designed to be used in:
Incoming inspection
In-process evaluation and process control
Failure analysis
Engineering development

SGT Training and Failure Analysis
SGT has been organising seminars in Glasgow since 1985.
Semiconductor Process Technology
Failure & Yield Analysis
Range of Failure Analysis tools

Contact us for a current schedule:

sgt training

Heaters for EVERY application, including:
Modular pump line heating
Pump exhaust line heating
Quartz immersion heaters
In-line Air/Nitrogen gas heaters