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Process Control
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Film Thickness Measurement Systems have been a primary design of PCC for several years. PCC's engineering expertise in the field of optical film thickness measurement is second to none. Our equipment has been successfully used in most major semiconductor wafer fabs throughout the world. PCC Film Thickness Measurement Systems are fast, accurate, repeatable, and easy to use.

Quiktest 1108

OPTICAL INTERFEROMETRY - The best way to measure film thickness with a technology created by PCC.
WIDE RANGE  - Measure it down to 50 angstroms. Measure it up to 5,000 angstroms
FAST - Answers in milliseconds per point nothing faster

  • Measure one point
  • Measure five points
  • Measure 9 points
  • Or scan the entire wafer... And map it

REPEATABLE - Get the value you expect independent of time, process, or operator.

  • 2-D maps in full color
  • 3-D maps in full color
  • on the screen or printed

STABLE - Production proven rock solid day after daymonth after month
COMPACT - Only 8" (20cm) wide for 9" (200mm) wafers.