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Container Cleaners
A.MuItiSpec Box & Cassette Cleaning Station (MS-272)
High capacity roll-through design for boxes, cassettes and SMIF pods.
Automatic load sensors identify parts and in~iate proper recipe.
On-board Dl water heater provides continuous supply.
Heated ULPA filtered air removes moisture.

B. MultiSpec Box & Cassette Cleaner (MS-276)
Convenient size unit handles boxes and cassettes up to 200mm.
Single batch process is perfect for smaller tabs.
Automatic surfactant Injection and bi-directional rotation for maximum cleaning power.
Heated lid speeds spin/dry process.
Tubes are filled and overflow in a cascade of cleaning power.

C. MuItiSpec Box & Cassette Cleaner (MS-280)
Reduces labor costs by 80%.
Bulkhead mounting allows loading and unloading from the cleanroom.
Vertical design reduces total floor space by 60%.
Lightly heated HEPA filtered air directed throughout the process chamber to speed drying.

NEWS: Poly-Flow has acquired the Entegris range of automated box and wafer carrier cleaners. Details will appear here soon. Call 0141 550 2378 for more information.