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A. Spray Deposition Parts Cleaner (S-525)
Drastically reduce the process time of high volume aluminum deposition systems planetaries and shields.
Fully automatic system requires 115 the etching solution of a manual station.
Aluminum stripping is more efficient and cost effective with high velocity spray etch method.

B. 1-5 Metal Shield Cleaner (S-1235)
High performance cleaning for Applied Materials Anelva and Endura single wafer thin film shields.
Each sink independently blends its own cleaning mixtures from any bulk chemical delivery system.
Complies with tough H6 building codes with no storage tanks required.

C. 1-200 Immersion Deposition Parts Cleaner (1-200)
Certify your process for cleaning metals off metal fixtures and chambers.
Two process sinks plus three on-board storage tanks.
Recipes for most common deposition/fixture combinations
including preheated solutions or chilled process sinks.
Meets requirements for Varian 3290, Applied Materials Endura or other popular deposition units.

D. 1-300 Immersion Deposition Parts Cleaner (1-300)
Three process sinks and four on-board chemical solution tanks.
Programmable mixture blending in the sinks for Ti and TiW removal.
Each storage tank is equipped with a dedicated pump and aspirator.
Process and safely functions are controlled via PCMS.