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A. Acid Decontamination Station (S-1082)
Special 6" high drop-in false bottom makes it easy to work on small items.
Split manual sink lids.
Two natural polypropylene storage drawers.
Tool may be flush mounted in rear to save space.

B. Automatic IPA Sink (S-1051)
Automatically blend ratios of water and IPA in an electronically controlled process.
Operators only handle dry paris; ultrasonic agitation eliminates manual scrubbing.
Offers accurate blending of DI/IPA with hardware and software checking for proper effluent handling.
Save water and effluent costs with automatic dump/rinse applications utilizing precise volumes.

C. Exhausted Work Station (S-1087)
125 LFPM across work deck.
Natural polypropylene process sink.
Convenient 120 volt receptacle above work deck with GFI protection.
Dl water hand sprayer and gooseneck on work deck.