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FAB Support
VDF Quartzware Oven (S-1509-2)
Increase furnace throughput with a pre-diffusion bake of VDF tubes, boats and accessories.

Increase furnace through put with a pre-diffusion bake of VDF tubes, boats and accessories.
Large capacity holds 8 tubes and 8 boats per cycle.
Twin rotatable carousels for easy access to the quartz tube and boats.
150° C dry cycle, 190° C desorption cycle, 40°' C stand-by.

Looking for a "pre-diffusion' bake for quartzware prior to the diffusion process in your furnaces, and/or a way to quickly and completely dry the quartzware after a wet clean? Need a way to reduce overall process time in the furnaces while increasing throughput? Lower the C.O.O. of your furnaces via faster restart.

Special Features:
Large capacity (8 tubes and 8 boats per cycle).
Adjustable shelves for peripherals.
HEPA filtered process.
150° C dry cycle.
190° C moisture bake-out cycle.
40° C stand-by.
Quick temperature ramp.
Microprocessor controlled time and temperature selections.
Electronically controlled dampers for fresh air make-up.
Insulated walls and doors.
Twin rotatable carousels for easy access to the quartz tube and boats.
Nitrogen purging for gas ports.
Fixturing packages available for all VDF quartzware.
Fixturing packages available for all FAB parts.

Redundant over-temp controls
Exterior surface temperature remains below S2-0200 standards.
Ergonomically located controls
Watch dog circuitry
EMO button
Main line lockable disconnect
Audible and visual alarms for exhaust failure
Door locked/unlocked status lights
Process doors are automatically locked above 40°C
S293 compliant
Third party review
Dual marked for NEC and CE

300 series stainless steel cabinet inside and outside
300 series electropolished carousels & shelves
Teflon fixturing
Teflon tubing & adapters for gas port injection

Facilities Connections:
Power: 220 volts, 60 Hz, 1 PH (Full load 80 Amps)
Nitrogen: 30 SCFM @ 25 PSI- peak flow.
Exhaust: 100 CFM @ .75" Neg H20 (2 places)

Overall Size:
Left to right: 86 3/8'
Front to rear: 48'
Height: 1131/16'

B. Acid Bottle Cleaner (S-994)
Cleans up to 18 bottles per load
Meets EPA regulations
Sloped work deck for ergonomic loading
Natural polypropylene basket for rinsing bottle caps.

C. Acid Drum Cleaner (S-1293)
Automatically rinses 55 gallon drums for safe transport and recycling per EPA regulations.
Optional rinse to programmed pH value.
Automatic inversion meets ergo requirements and aids drainage.

D. Chemical Delivery Station (S-1264)
Safely supplies chemicals to any Poly-Flow tool.
Designed in accordance with applicable sections of SEMI S2-93 documents.
Controlled and monitored by an on-board AutoFlow II programmable controller.
Can hold two 55 gallon Fluoropure drums in separate interlocked chambers, each with a dedicated pumping station.

E. Dual Storage Cabinet (K-064)
Keep vertical furnace quartzware safely stored in all-plastic dual storage cabinet
Turning carousels allow access to items without unloading others.
Smaller quartz pieces are safely stored in the specially designed drawers
Dividers are custom engineered to fit specific quartzware.
Also available in fire safe materials and stainless steel.

F. GSS Acid Cleaning System (S-1097)
Automatic immersion cleaning for a wide range of sub-fab items including vacuum piping and forelines.
Variable level depths reduce chemical consumption
Injectors scrub tubing interiors with recirculating acids.
Generous sink is 74" x 24" x 18" deep and is furnished with a removable stage to raise small parts to a comfortable height.

G. IPA Blending Station (S-1114)
Precise blends of DI water and IPA at factory set percentages with outstanding accuracy.
Integrated totalizer tracks exact amount of IPA dispensed regardless of where it is used in the fab.
Automatically fills 500ml and 1000ml squeeze bottles.
Fire detection protected blending chamber

H. IPA Pre-Wet Station (S-1181)
Safely and simply pre-wet high purity wafer filter elements.
8-position electropolished filter grid in IPA sink.
2-position electropolished filter grid for UPW sink with PFA rinse manifold.

I. IPA Utility Sink (S-1166)
Convenient 9" x 9" 9" cleaning sink automatically fills with dilute IPA
Generous 30" x 24" x 8" rinse sink.
Master blending chamber for IPA and UPW with totalizer for IPA usage.

J. Manual Parts Clean Station (S-11226)
Two multipurpose drop-in sinks, 24" x 24" x 18".
Polypropylene sink allows for mild acid cleaning.
Electropolished 316 ss sink handles solvent strips with ease.
Segregated exhausts and dedicated drains
Sliding deck doors to reduce total exhaust flow

K. Solvent Pour Station (S-1572)
Designed for manual filling of solvent bottles
Interchangable grids for 500ml and 1000ml bottles
Adjustable stainless steel storage shelves
Split manual sink lids

L. Tube Transport Cart (S-1572)
Safely hold quartz and silicon carbide tubes or liners from 200mm furnaces.
Dividers on lower shelf for boats and other small items
Welded stainless steel with cleanroom casters and unpigmented fixturing.
Custom configurations will match specific load schedules.