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Hitachi Parts Cleaner (S-1084)Hitachi Parts Cleaner (S-1084)
Patented turbo nozzle upblast spray for dome interior.
High purity single pas nitric acid process
Special hot UPW cycle and nitrogen purge for drying dome.
Specialized fixturing and storage rack on work deck for dome.

5:1 UPW/nitric spray cleaning and UPW rinsing for quartz domes from the Hitachi metalization system. A custom turbo nozzle for upblast acid and UPW spray coverage. 5:1 UPW and nitric is blended in the holding tank. Operator programs a short spray cycle with the blended chemical. The rotating turbo nozzle delivers a uniform pattern on the inside of the dome. Cold UPW provides safely rinse inside and outside of the dome; hot UPW and nitrogen purge provide for a 45 minute dry cycle. Chemical is used once and dumped to the acid waste drain.

Special Features:
Keepfull BCDS interface for holding tank. Adjustable acid flow rate to turbo nozzle. Adjustable nitrogen flow rate to turbo nozzle. Turbo nozzle/upblast spray process. Custom fixturing for Hitachi dome.

Special hot UPW cycle and nitrogen purge for drying dome.
Storage rack on workdeck for dome.

Cabinet; Y2 and 3/4" Flame retardant polypropylene.
Process Chamber: Natural polypro.
Pressure piping: Natl.
PVDF & Teflon.
Chemical Holding Tank: Natl PVDF.
Drain: Natural PVDF.
Wetted Surfaces: Natural PVDF, Teflon, natural polypropylene,

Material Compatibility:
HF, Nitric

BCDS InterfaceE:
Single POC for acid holding tank. External connections for ready signal, demand signal, BCDS ready signal and EMO contact.

Fire Detection:
Above workdeck

Overall Size:
48.5" l to r, 48" f to r, 86" tall.

Sink Size:
18" l to r, 18" f to r, 12" deep.

Holding Tank Size:
5 gallons.

Ultrasonic Agitation:

Acid Waste Drain (single POC)

Facilities Connection:
Drain: single POC rear through floor.
Pressurized: out rear bottom of tool.
Main power: rear of tool.
UVIR power: rear of tool.
Exhaust: top connection near rear.

B. Centura Parts Cleaner (S-1243)
Extra capacity sink holds three sets of chambers and assorted quartzware.
Specially designed fixtures keep them in place to avoid breakage and ensure proper drainage.
Acid clean is performed in a sealed chamber to minimize exhaust.

C. Centura Q/S Parts Cleaner (S-1261)
Dual purpose unit cleans both quartz and stainless items
Immersion process with a strong HF mixture deep cleans while a spray etch with a dilute HF gives a final polish etch.
Separate dedicated cleaning sink is furnished to handle the stainless steel exhaust lines.

D. Exhaust I.ine Rinse Station (S-1057)
Removes built-up deposits and condensation
Rotating cabinet rinse spray bars
Small front-to-rear footprint saves valuable floor space.

E. GaSonics Parts Cleaner (S-1275)
Twin sinks (28" X 24" X 18") handle the full range of parts for 200mm systems.
Sinks programmably fill with blended ratios of HF and deionized water.
Multiple dump rinse cycles ensure thorough rinsing.
Ergonomic 5-8 compliant package features automatic lids.