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Diffusion - Horizontal
Horizontal Quartware Cleaner (H-123) Horizontal Quartware Cleaner (H-123)
New system configuration provides PVDF process sink for horizontal furnace tubes.
Designed with Corzan-4910 construction as a standard option.
Exclusive PCMS with touchscreen controls on swing away arm provides ergo compliance for your operators.
Standard process svstern includes two acid tanks: additional tanks optional.

Operator blends chemicals in holding tanks from BCDS or via optional acid bottle snorkel. A tube is placed on automatic rollers. Tubes are sprayed with concentrated acid on the inside and/or the acid can be programmed to fill the front trough to partially immerse the tube. Spray and/or immersion rinse are programmable. In a separate recipe, the rollers may be removed and quartz ware includ- ing cantilevers and boats are immer- sion etched. Solution(s) recirculate as programmed. Single use acid is sprayed on all parts for a final etch from dedicated piping.

Special Features:
One recirculating solution, one sin- gle use solution. Adjustable rollers handle a wide range of tube diame- ters. Filtration for solutions.
FACS Box standard, Poly-Mix standard

Cabinet: White polypropylene stan- dard; options include Corzan 4910 CPVC, FRPP and CP7D,
Process Sink: Natural polypropylene standard, PVDF with Corzan option.
Pressure piping: Natural PVDF & Teflon, - Chemical Holding Tanks: PVDF.
Drains' Natural PVDF.
Wetted surfaces: Natural PVDF, Teflon, natural polypropylene, clear PVC.

Material compatibility: -HF. Nitric. Acetic. HCL.

BCDS Interface:
Dual POC; one for HF directed to each chemical holding tank. Second, POC for nitric acid directed to each recirculating chemical tank. External connections for ready signal, demand signal, BCDS ready signal and EMO.

Fire Detection: -Optional, not required with orzan option.

Overall Size:
134'ltor,48'ftor,83'tall TROUGH SIZE: -Front 97" X 13" X 13" deep. -7.5" immersion depth.

Holding Tank Size:
50 gallons recirculating. -20 aallons for final etch.

HF waste drain, acid waste drain.

Facilities connections:
Drains: Rear of tool.
Pressurized: Rear of tool.
Main power: Rear of tool.
Exhaust: Rear of tool.

A. Automatic Immersion Quartzware Cleaner (S1265)
Cleans vertical furnace quartz tubes up to 56" long with 15 1/2" flanges
Parts are gently agitated as each end of the cradle moves up and down into either of the two acid tanks or the central rinse sink.
Process chamber is fully exhausted and illuminated.
Overhead fire detectors and CO2 nozzles provide additional protection.

B. Cluster Tool Chamber Cleaner (S-1581)
Handles quartz chambers and ceramic parts from all popular cluster tools as well as RTP systems.
PVDF process sink has ergo compliant automatic lid.
Two-solution system features recirculation to maximize process efficiency
Designed with Corzan-4910 contruction as a standard option.

C. Exhaust and Foreline Cleaner (S-1049)
Accurately blends hot or cold Dl water and IPA in exacting ratios.
Lower IPA usage by programming only the precise solution depth required while reducing effluent waste.
Cut additional costs by utilizing the standard recircula tion and filtration when running straight IPA.

D. Exhaust Line L-Shaped Sink (S-1088)
Fully automatic cleaning with reduced water usage.
Large L-shaped process sink fits elbowed exhaust lines up to 108" long.
Special fixturing inserts to meet ergonomic requirements.
Rotating cabinet rinse spray bars.

E. Horizontal Quartz ware Cleaner (H-423)
Features two process chambers with front chamber providing selectable inside/outside etching for furnace tubes up to 86" standard.
Rear chamber is fixtured for immersion etching of can- tilevers, sheaths, boats, paddles, pull rods and other accessories.
Dual acid configuration with one recirculating and one single use (polish etch).

F. RTP Parts Cleaner (5-1050)
Three dedicated process sinks, each with their own piping system and storage tank.
Cross-contamination worries are eliminated.
Half the cost of purchasing three individual units.
Exhaust is reduced by about one third as is the floor space required.