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Diffusion - Vertical
Omni300 (S-650)
Vertical furnace tubes up to 16 3/4" in diameter can be cleaned.
Oversize carousel is equipped with specialized fixturing to handle boats, T/C's and pedestals.
Still meets the stringent H6 building code by storing less than 25 gallons of acid for a dual chemical cycle.
Available with fire safe construction featurina Corzon 4910 exterior and PVDF interior.

B. Double/Double (5-412)
Dual chambel' system precision cleans quar1zware behind a single front door.
Each system has separate tube and parts chambers or twin tut chambers with custom fixturing.
Right chamber handles tubes 48" to 120" long. Left chamber ha 360' rotating carousel for spray etching of cantilevers, sheaths, boats, paddles, pull rods and assorted parts.

C. Epitaxial Quartz ware Cleaner (S-422)
Three stage system accommodates all groups of epitaxial quartzware.
Bell jars or tubes are placed on central spider stage where multiple spray nozzles give a thorough inside etch.
Exclusive overhead rotating spray manifold encircles exterior contamination.
Sheath injector is mounted in the left rear comer for a mild outside etch.

D. OmniClean {S-320, S-420, S-620, S-720)
Reduce acid volume by 72% and speed up cleaning times with this universal quartzware cleaner.
Meet the stringent H6 building code by storing less than 25 gallons of acid for a dual chemical cycle.
Patented all-spray design makes quick work of tough depositions.
Requires half the Dl water and cuts 25% off the cleaning time of other common systems.

E. Triple Tower (S-417)
Vertical tube cleaner with three distinctive types of cleaning for all horizontal furnace parts.
Tubes are consistently etched with the patented Turbo-NozzleTM I to clean both inside and outside. I
Paddles, cantilevers, sheaths and master boats are rotated on the carousel providing 360' etching and rinsing.
Boats and assorted small parts are immersion etched in the 16" X 12" X 12" sink located below the carousel.

F. Typhoon Quartzware Cleaner (8-1593)
Dual oversize carousels are capable of handling a wide range of parts. A tube or liner plus various items on each side.
Each side operates with simultaneous and independent recipes and each has a completely isolated process system.
Four tanks included to provide a recirculating and a single use polish acid for each side.

G. Vertical Furnace Quartz ware Cleaner (S-310, S-410,S-610)
Simultaneous cleaning of tubes and liners with dual rotating ovel1lead spray manifolds.
Dependable immersion cleaning for latest high capacity boats in the largest sink available today.
Cleaning chamber handles 56" tubes with ease.
One, two or three acid systems yield process flexibility.

H. Compact Vertical Furnace Quartz ware Cleaner (S-1527)
World's smallest sized cabinet with mega capacity for 200mm vertical furnace quartzware.
Features dual spray stages for a tube and liner, a rotating boat carousel for elevators plus a small parts immersion sink.
Footprint reduced by 14%. Overall space required reduced by 24%.
Touchscreen PCMS is standard.