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A. High Pressure Rinse Station (S-1472)
Ultra high pressure rinse station sprays Dl water at 1200 psi. B. Manual Wet Process Station (5-1592)
Classic design updated with fire safe materials including Corzan 4910 shell and HTP-800 clear CPVC eyeshield.
Suitable for processing wafers, medical devices and other items requiring highly corrosive chemical etching or cleaning.
Custom configurations including ultrasonic sinks, PVDF quick dump rinsers or heated sinks, all with individual multifunction controllers.

B. Omni Plus (S-1669)
Full featured immersion sink for small parts plus the advan tage of Poly-Flow's rapid spray cycle for large items.

C. Plating Fixture Cleaner (S-1268)
Laboratory assembly station combines ultrasonic cleaning with automatic cycling pneumatic testing and rotary stage.

D. Quartz Tube Etching System (5-1241)
Heavy duty etcher handles hollow quartz ingots up to 25 feet long and nearly 1000 pounds.