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Quester 300 Parts Cleaning System (S-1482) Quester 300 Parts Cleaning System (S-1482)
The S-1482 cleans the silicon carbide susceptors and the quartz plates from the Quester APT-6000 TEOS deposition systems.

This tool builds on the successful S-1377, which provides thorough etching and rinsing, New features include the exclusive PCMS touch-screen control system for recipe building and data-logging. Ergonomic compliance is assured with the robotic loading platform. The unit will efficiently handle the weight of a full set of 300mm parts which total nearly 150 pounds.

The S-1482 is constructed of Corzan-4910, and includes many design elements to allow it to be installed withgout the need for fire detection or suppression.

A. Quester 300 Parts Cleaning System (S-1482)
Cleans silicon carbide susceptors and quartz plates from the Quester APT -4300 and APT -6000 TEOS deposition systems.
Robotic loading platform helps ensure ergonomic compliance.
Constructed of fire safe Corzan-4910 eliminating the need for fire detection or suppression.

B. AMAT Nitride Parts Cleaner (S-1052)
Special fixturing ensures proper cleaning of three ceramic chamber rings at once.
Dual connections to bulk chemical distribution system are standard.
Cleaning mixtures are accurately blended in the 24" X 24" X 12' deep process sink

C. AME Bell Jar Cleaner (S-1115)
Safely clean heavy Applied Materials bell jars.
Robotic arm for lifting and positioning meets S-8 ergonomic requirements. On-demand integral UPW heater (up to 50° C).
High pressure UPW pistol with automatic pump

D. Quester Parts Cleaner (S-1377)
Fully automatic cleaning system designed for Quester parts. Quester 300 Parts Cleaning System (S-1482)
Specialized fixturing holds silicon carbide susceptors and quartz shielding plates in exact alignment to ensure proper etching and rinsing.
Targeted agitation is combined with recirculation and filtratior we as t e -eposllon sys ems. to maximize acid utilization.

E. Silicon Carbide Boat Cleaning System (S-1278)
High volume system with five dedicated process sinks, each with quick dump rinsing capability.
Simultaneous, independent operation for maximum throughput.
Three chemical processes are pre-programmed for use in removing polysilicon, nitride and silicides.

F. 5VG-CVD Parts Cleaner (S-1055-1) (formerly Watkins-Johnson)
Clean large volumes of shields, muffle etch assemblies and muffle etch injectors with precise recipes.
Secondary containment and redundant leak detection.
Meet important H6 requirements with less than 25 gallons of chemical on board.