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1 CVD Parts Cleaning Systems
2 Diffusion - Vertical Furnace Quartz Cleaning
3 Diffusion - Horizontal Furnace Quartz Cleaning
4 Etch Chamber Parts Cleaning Systems
5 FAB Support
6 Implant parts cleaning systems
7 Metal deposition parts cleaning systems
8 Container Cleaners
9 Photo
10 Fiber Optic Quartz Preform Cleaners
11 Custom
12 NEW!   Wafer Cleaning - Call SGT 01698 307070

NEWS: Poly-Flow has acquired the Entegris range of automated box and wafer carrier cleaners. Details will appear here soon. Call 0141 550 2378 for more information.

Poly-Flow Engineering LLC is the complete source for cleaning equipment used to maintain semiconductor process equipment.

offering cutting edge equipment in 100 to 300 mm configurations for cleaning quartzware, metal parts, ceramic parts and wafers. 
Established in 1974, Poly-Flow has furnished automatic cleaning equipment to nearly every major wafer fab around the world.

Poly-Flow recently moved to a custom built facility in the Sandia Science and Technology Park very near to their parent company Ktech Corporation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.