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PET-900 Series - Pyrogenic External Torches
Unique product for generating ultra-pure steam used in silicon wet oxidation processes

No quartz devitrification - lifetime guarantee.
Fast ignition - ignition temperature of 760°C reached within 60 seconds from cold state.
Short flame length - 60-120mm for Hydrogen/Oxygen ratios of 1.9:1-1:1.
Cooling - compressed air through double wall combustion assembly together with perforated cover achieves skin temperature below 80°C.
Safest External torch on the market.
No flame "runaway" due to sudden changes in gas flow.
Sematech approved for introduction of DCE through the injector.
Compact design.

Universal, adaptable to all furnace brands and tube types.
Easy to install and maintain.

Safely ignites a controlled mixture of H2 and O2 using two 500W Halogen lamps which are turned off after ignition.

The flame created burns in the center of the combustion chamber. Specially designed and patented injector tip maintains the gas flow dynamics, ensuring that the flame is distanced from both the injector tip and the chamber walls - thus preventing devitrification.

The steam is delivered continuously to the process chamber with minimal impact on the process chamber temperature profile, due to short flame length.

The torch controller interfaces between the External Torch and the furnace controller.
Note - Internal Torch

Internal torch available where required - no devitrification guaranteed. Advantages of External Torch versus Internal Torch:

No thermal disturbances in the process tube.
Increased load size.
Better uniformity.

HydroSteam - HS81
Features: DCE oxidation to generate HCl N Heating & Cooling capabilities External, Multi-Purpose Steam Generator.
Very low and high gas flow.

Featuring DCE oxidation & Steam generation in one compact unit
No devitrification, life time guarantee

Low & High H2 flow (0.05 to 15 SLM)
Short & Localized flame at all flows
DCE oxidation to generate HCl
Wet and Dry oxidation processes
No Condensation
Heating & Cooling capabilities
Unique & Compact quartz system
Reliable (redundancy), Clean & Safe
Controller compatible with most reactors
Compact (~ 295x165x200 mm)

Ignition and Flame for Wet Oxidation:
Two 380W coil heaters and one 750W Halogen lamp for heating.
Fast heating, from room temperature to ~800°C, up to 120 seconds.
Full redundancy between the heaters and additional Halogen lamp.
Quartz encapsuled SiC rods for reliable & safe ignition.
Lamp soft start & "zero cross" operation for increased life time.
Lamp and coil heaters shut off after ignition (optional for heaters).
TC temperature detection close to ignition point.
Short, centered & stable flame at flows from 0.05 to 15 SLM Hydrogen
High Oxygen ratio for diluted steam processes.
No Devitrification, flame burns away from quartz at all flows

DCE Oxidation:
Over 99% conversion of DCE at chamber outlet
Two T.C.`s at inlet and outlet to prevent carbonization
DCE & Oxygen pre-mix for safe operation
Two inner coil heaters for continuous heating.
Fast heating - from room temperature to ~ 800°C in 120 seconds (Halogen lamp ramp-up)
Stable temperature during process.
Full redundancy between heaters with option for halogen lamp.
Temperature detection at actual chamber conditions.Controller HC-61:
Coil heaters power control & fail indicator.
Heaters & Lamp full redundancy control
Lamp power control + fail indicator.
Lamp soft start. (Zero cross)
Ignition temperature control.
Air cooling control.
Hydrogen valve and MFC control.
DCE - Carrier gas valve control.
Oxygen/Hydrogen ratio control
UV flame detection.
Skin temperature indicator.
Compact, adaptable, easy installation.

H2 flow: 0.05 - 15.0SLM
H/O ratio: 1.9 and below
DCE flow: up to 0.6 g/min
Ignition time: up to 120 sec
Skin Temp: 90°C max
Temp. Ignition & DCE: 760°C
Thermocouples: Type K
Flame detector: 185 - 260nm (UV), 1sec
Ceramic: Zircar ZAL-15
Lamp: Halogen 750W
Quartz: GE 214 or equivalent
Heaters: 2 quartz/Kanthal ~380W
Main Body: SST & Anodized Al construct.
Air Inlet: Swagelok 1/4"
Air Outlet: Swagelok 1/2"
Cooling Air Flow: 3-5CFM @ 50 PSI
H2 supply: 15-20 PSI
O2 supply: 30-50 PSI
N2 supply: 30-50 PSI
DCE carrier gas supply 8-10PSI
Exhaust: 300CFM
Power: 120V 1600W Max
Dimensions: 295x165x200mm
Weight: 7 Kg