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1 FireBox -Hydrogen Exhaust Burn Box
2 PET-900 Series - Pyrogenic External Torches
3 Note - Internal Torch
4 Pyrotron - UV Detector
5 DivertorTM
6 CV-Mask for Sputtered and Evaporated Films

Persys (Performance Systems) Technology was established in 1988 by former Intel engineers with many years of experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Persys specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of peripheral equipment for semiconductor manufacturers, such as Motorola, NSC, Siemens, Digital, TI, BTI, SGS Thomson, Hyundai, Winbond and others. Located in Jerusalem’s Advanced Science Based Industrial Park, the facility comprises mechanical, assembly and QC workshops, an electronics lab, chemical lab, clean room and stores.

All stages from design to final prototype are performed at Persys, encompassing R&D, system integration and quality control activities. Several sub-contractors are used for the production of components, such as machined metals, quartz, etc.

The above mentioned facilities together with the experienced staff, provide Persys with the capabilities to perform various projects in the field of mechanics, electronics and chemical engineering. The marketing office in Houston, Texas, operates sales representatives throughout the US. Sales representatives and distributors throughout Europe and the Far East handle Persys sales in these areas.

External/Internal Torch (patented) - innovative steam processor for pyrogenic processes of silicon oxidation. The torch is Sematech approved and is recommended for use with additional chemicals. Persys has an OEM agreement with KESC for the External Torch.
HydroSteam. - Multi-purpose steam generator, featuring DCE oxidation and steam generator in one unit.
FireBox – foolproof H2 exhaust system.
UV Detector - Flame detection for Internal Pyrogenic Torch processes.
CV-M (patented) - disposable auto transfer metal dot CV mask with related tooling.
Modified parts and subassemblies for specific equipment in the Semiconductor Industry.