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Newsletters - Poly-flow
Need to clean equipment parts ? ….. automatically and with:
Increased cleaning efficiency
Reduced labour costs
Reduced chemical and DI water costs

Poly-Flow has been designing and building cleaning systems since 1974. They have worked with fab engineers to develop tools which take care of the many awkward, difficult and time consuming cleaning tasks.

Furnace Quartzware
Vertical & Horizontal Tubes
Paddles and Boats
Epi Bell Jars & Susceptors
Sputter and Evaporator Shields
Etch Chamber Parts
Implant Beam Liners
Exhaust and Pump Foreline
Photoresist Cups
Wafer Boxes and Cassettes
Acid Bottles and Drums

To illustrate Poly-Flow's versatility, check out the variety of standard quartzware cleaners listed below, each one developed for a customer to suit specific equipment sets.

CONTENTS (Standard Products)


Model METAL Model
AMAT Nitride Parts S-1052 Cleaner Deposition Parts Cleaner S-525
AMAT Bell Jar Cleaner S-1115 I-5 Metal Shield Cleaner S-1235
Quester Parts Cleaner S-1377 Immersion Dep Parts Cleaner I-200
Quester 300 Parts Cleaner S-1482 Immersion Dep Parts Cleaner I-300
Silicon Carbide Boat Cleaner S-1278 IMPLANT  
WJ Acid Parts Cleaner S-1055 Acid Decontamination Station S-1082
Epitaxial Quartzware Cleaner S-422 Automatic IPA Sink S-1051
Cluster Tool Chamber Cleaner S-1581

Exhausted Work Station


Auto Immersion Quartz Cleaner S-1265 Photoresist /Coater Parts Cleaner S-1193
Double/Double Quartz Cleaner S-412 Solvent Bottle Wash S-992
Dual Storage Cabinet K-064 FAB SUPPORT TOOLS  
Horizontal Quartzware Cleaner H-413 Acid Bottle Cleaner S-994
Horizontal Quartzware Cleaner H-423 Acid Drum Cleaner S-1293
Omniclean Quartzware Cleaner S-620 Chemical Delivery Station S-1264
Triple Tower Quartzware Cleaner S-417 GSS Acid Cleaning S-1097
Vertical Furnace Qtz Cleaner S-610 IPA Blending Station S-1114
V'tical Furn. Qtz Cleaner Compact S-1527 IPA Pre-Wet Station S-1181
RTP Parts Cleaner S-1050 IPA Utility Sink S-1166
ETCH   Manual Parts Clean Station S-1226
Centura Parts Cleaner S-1243 Solvent Pour Station S-1083
Centura Q/S Parts Cleaner S-1261 BOX CLEANING TOOLS  
Exhaust Line Rinse Station S-1057 Multispec Box & Cassette Cleaner MS-272
Hitachi Parts Cleaner S-1084 Multispec Box & Cassette Cleaner MS-276

Got Something Different to Clean?

Poly-Flow's standard products originated as someone's special. Here are three recent tools engineered to match specific applications:

Ultra High pressure rinse station sprays DI at 1200 psi
Heavy duty etcher for quartz ingots up to 25 ft long
Assembly station with ultrasonic cleaning and pneumatic testing