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Newsletters - 4 Point Probe
SGT can supply all of your 4 point probe needs - from probe heads to complete systems. For Sheet resistance, film resistivity and spreading resistance measurements on all materials and sample sizes.

The CMT-SR2000N from Chang-Min Tech is a fully automatic system for measuring sheet resistance and resistivity of silicon wafers.

The system can be operated in a stand-alone mode or controlled via a PC/MS Windows based software program.

Fully Automatic Motorized X-Y-Z Axis.
Automatic Range Selection
Data Analysis (2D, 3D Mapping/Data Map,etc.)
ASTM / SEMI Measurement Mode.
Light Protection is Provided.
Self-Contained Operation or Remote Operation via Standard PC and Proprietary software.
Use High quality Jandel probe head

The Jandel Multiposition System
The Jandel Multiposition system is a manual/pre-set system. Combined with the Jandel Resistivity Test Unit it offers a cost effective system for all 4 point probe measurements.

Jandel also offer a Universal probe station for 4-point probing and 3-point spreading resistance probing.

multiposition system

Precision 4-Point Resistivity Probe Head
Anodized aluminum alloy upper and lower guides are jeweled.
Solid tungsten carbide needles for superior durability.
Teflon insulation gives minimum leakage
Loads checked by electronic force gauge
Spacing and tip radii optically checked for accuracy by interferometer.

probe heads

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