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Chemical Injection System

Why compromise safety and precision during "spiking" operations? The Chemfeed Series Chemical Injection System accurately and safely injects a variety of process chemicals.

A Chemfeed System is easy to install in existing or new equipment as well as being simple to operate. Improve the throughput and safety of your stripping process, install a Modutek Chemfeed Chemical Injection System!

 Features Benefits
Redundant safety features Enhances operator safety during refilling and regular operation.
Modular design Easy to retrofit/install. Ease in overall maintenance.

 Materials of Construction

Hold Tank Polypropylene
Dispensing Manifold NPP
Manifold Nozzles NPP
Tubing NPP
Tank Housing FRPP

Process Controller/Timer
Multiple Injection Manifolds
Custom Sizes

Side & End View

 Model Chemical Capacity (gals) Housing Dimension L x W x D (in)
CF1000 1.25 13 x 8.25 x 11.75
CF5000 5.25 14.25 x 14.13 x 18

For more information on Modutek product lines visit their website at http://www.modutek.com