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Teflon Recirculating Bath

The Modutek TFa Series of Teflon Recirculating Baths is our low cost/high purity answer for cleaning, etching, and stripping in aggressive and high temperature environments. The TFa Series is a cost effective bath that meets the exacting demands of manufacturing sub-micron geometries.

 Features Benefits
360° serrated overflow weir Facilitates uniform flow while minimizing particulate contamination.
One piece injection molded PFA vessel Provides a strong, high-purity, high temperature process solution.

 System Specifications

Operating Range sub-ambient to 120° C

One year warranty

 Materials of Construction

Process Module Teflon (PFA)

Process Controller/Timer
Liquid level sensor
Diffuser Plate
IR heater

 Model Inside Dimension
(ID)L x W x D (in)
Deck Cutout
L x W x D (in)
Deck Area
L x W (in)
TFa16 8.74 x 7.95 x 8.66 12.91 x 12.13 x 9.96 13.78 x 13.00
TFa18 13.39 x 11.50 x 11.00 18.27 x 15.12 x 12.87 19.37 x 16.22
TFa26 16.00 x 9.00 x 8.88 20.50 x 13.75 x 11.94  

For more information on Modutek product lines visit their website at http://www.modutek.com