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DR Series Dunp Rinser

The Dr Series dump rinser is the most efficient process rinsing module. State-of-the-art engineering has eliminated particle entrapment, minimized rinsing time, reduced D.I. water consumption, and shortened dump time.
dr series dump rinser

Features Benefits
360° overflow Facilitates laminar flow while minimizing particulate contamination.
Contoured vessel design Reduce DI water consumption.
High flow, non-gasketed dump door Accelerates dump time and eliminates particle entrapment.
Dual overhead spray manifolds with low misting nozzles Eliminates overspray conditions

Materials of Construction (Standard)

Process Tank Fabricated natural virgin Polypropylene
Spray Nozzles Polypropylene
DI Water Manifold Natural virgin Polypropylene
Dump Door Natural virgin Polypropylene, NO O-Ring!
DI Water Valves Polypropylene
N2 Valve Polypropylene
Tubing Polypropylene

Materials of Construction (Optional)

Process Tank Fabricated PVDF
Spray Nozzles PVDF
DI Water Manifold PVDF
Dump Door PVDF, NO O-ring!
DI Water Valves Teflon
N2 Valve Polypropylene
Tubing Teflon

Facility Requirements (Standard)

DI Water Service 2 GPM (minimum), @ 40 psi (dynamic)
Nitrogen Service (bubbler) 1 SCFM @ 2-20 psi (maximum)

C15sa/da Rinser Controller
C23sa/da Rinser Controller
RM30a Resistivity Monitor
Resistivity Probe
Liquid Level Switch
Process Cover Deletion and Height Reduction
Teflon® DI Water Manifold
PVDF/Teflon® Construction
Extra High Flow Dump Valves

Model Inside Dimension (ID)
L x W x D (in)
Deck Cutout
L x W x D (in)
Deck Area
L x W (in)
DR16 9.00 x 7.50 x 7.25 12.63 x 11.00 x 17.00 15.00 x 12.25
DR18 12.00 x 11.00 x 10.00 15.25 x 13.75 x 18.00 17.25 x 15.38
DR24 11.50 x 7.50 x 7.25 15.00 x 9.75 x 16.50 17.50 x 12.75
DR25 13.50 x 7.50 x 7.25 17.00 x 11.00 x 17.00 19.50 x 12.75
DR26 16.50 x 7.50 x 7.25 19.50 x 10.25 x 17.25 22.00 x 12.25

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