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1 Dump Rinser
2 Filtered Etch Baths
3 In-Line Infrared Heaters
4 Direct Megasonic System
5 Megasonic Generators
6 Indirect Megasonic Systems
7 Quartz Constant Temperature Baths
8 High Temperature Recirculation
9 Temperature Control Recirculation
10 Teflon Recirculating Baths
11 Chemical Injection System

Key Deliverables:
Megasonic Technology
State of the art cleaning systems for the 21st century.

Rinse Bath Technology
Modutek offers rinse bath technology that produces a virtually contaminant-free environment.

Etch Bath Technology
Offering process control and operating safety.

Modutek innovation offers reduced acid consumption and particle counts while improving yields.

Custom Components
Modutek offers custom components for your individual process requirements.

Worldwide Sales and Service
We cover the globe in sales support and service.

Although we still produce static baths, dump rinsers, filtration baths, temperature control modules, modular heating sub-systems, heating and filtrations systems, custom product development, and process equipment servicing. To ensure purity of your process we assemble, test, and package all products in a clean-room environment. With one of the broadest lines in wet processing solutions, our business is solving your problems.

For more information on Modutek product lines visit their website at http://www.modutek.com