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Materials Development Corporation
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Copper Diffusion Test Systems
MDC announces the addition of software and hardware for copper diffusion studies to its CSM/Win suite of semiconductor test systems and software. This new CSM/Win feature plays an important part in the development of processes and materials for the next advance in integrated circuit technology that employs copper as a conductor. Special Current-Voltage Bias-Temperature Stress (IV-BTS) software can measure the degradation of insulator quality due to copper diffusion. Multiple test sites can be stressed with a constant voltage while the current through each site is measured and recorded. The Current-Voltage Bias-Temperature Stress test supplements conventional MOS C-V measurements and Triangular Voltage Measurements (TVS) that are also employed in copper diffusion studies.

MDC Sealed Test Chambers
Also available from MDC are sealed test chambers that facilitate testing in an inert atmosphere where the copper will not oxidize. Two test chambers configurations are available to use with the MDC QuietCHUCK Hot Chuck System.

Model DG-8 Glove Box
Model DG-8 Glove Box

Designed for copper diffusion studies, the Model DG-8 enclosure surrounds the probe station with an airtight glove box. Includes an airlock for transfer of samples, a hot chuck for temperature stress, video microscope stand, inert gas connectors, and a feedthrough panel for multiplexer and instrument connections.

Model D3-STC Hermetic Enclosure
Model D3-STC Hermetic Enclosure

The Model D3-STC is a hermetically sealed dark box that is a little larger than our standard 10-probe enclosure. Includes a hot chuck for temperature stress, inert gas connectors, and feedthroughs for multiplexer and instrument connections.

For more information on MDC product lines visit their website at http://www.mdc4cv.com