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Materials Development Corporation
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Hardware Configuration
Hardware ConfigurationMDC will tailor your CSM/Win Semiconductor Measurement System for your exact requirements. Choose from the best capacitance meters and probe stations to suit your specific need. All CSM/Win Systems are rackmounted in a tabletop enclosure or stainless steel workstation.

Capacitance Meters
MDC offers the latest instruments from Hewlett-Packard, Keithley, and Boonton to match every easurement need from routine production to advanced research. See the current MDC Capacitance Meter Guide for a complete list of specifications and voltage ranges.

Probe Stations
MDC can integrate different probe stations suitable for production, engineering, or research applications. See individual data sheets for more details.

1. The Autoloading Hot Chuck System is the fastest way to measure multiple wafers or qualify multiple furnaces. The cassette loaded, SMIF-compatible unit can quickly remove a wafer from the cassette, align, and load it on the hot chuck. After the measurement, the wafer is removed from the chuck, cooled, and reloaded in the cassette.

2. The QuietCHUCK Hot Chuck System is a complete hot chuck package for mobile ion measurements by conventional bias-temperature stress technique (CVBT) or triangular voltage sweep method (TVS). The MDC QuietCHUCK System uses a DC powered hot chuck controller for minimum induced noise. The CSM/Win System can control and monitor all stress parameters. Multiplexing of up to 10 probes is possible.

3. The DuoCHUCK Integrated Hot Chuck System is designed for high throughput CVBT mobile ion tests. It contains two separate hot chucks and all associated control, multiplexing, and stress bias circuitry. It is possible to make measurements on from one to five C-V dots on each chuck. The DuoCHUCK has close to 10 times the capacity of a conventional single dot probe station.

4. Probers allow for multiple site measurements. This facilitates mapping of parameters like Vfb, lifetime, breakdown voltage, Qbd, or interface trap density Special prober software includes expanded multiple test menus, data storage, and statistical analyses.

5. Mercury Probes are used for temporary, non-destructive contact to MOS and bare semiconductor samples at room temperature. They are excellent for monitoring wafer doping and resistivity Mercury probes work well with GaAs and GaP material. The probes work in both front-front and front-back contact configurations.

6. Multiplexers are computer-controlled switches that improve the efficiency of CSM/Win Measurement Systems. They allow a capacitance meter to measure several points on a wafer or on several wafers. Also they allow a CSM/Win System to switch automatically between different instruments so that a sequence of tests can be performed without the need to switch cables manually.

For more information on MDC product lines visit their website at http://www.mdc4cv.com