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Materials Development Corporation
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1 C-V and Advanced Analysis Systems
2 Measurement / Analysis Options
3 Hardware Configuration
4 Hot Chucks
5 Measurement Specifications
6 Copper Diffusion Test Systems
7 Mercury Probes

MDC specialises in C-V Plotting and associated measurement techniques. A wide range of systems are available covering all needs from basic Production C-V measurement to sophisticated units offering Engineering measurement functions such as Doping Profiles, Lifetime Analysis, Interface Trap Measurement, Multi-frequency, Quasi-static, and advanced techniques such as Triangular Voltage Sweeping for direct measurement of Mobile ion Contamination.

Whether you require to:
Measure mobile ion contamination - Advanced measurements such as multi-frequency C-V, I-V
Gate oxide integrity
Analyze advanced MOS interface charges
Triangular Voltage Sweep (TVS) analysis
Monitoring analyzing Ion Implants
Measuring Copper diffusion
Measuring dielectric constants

For more information on MDC product lines visit their website at http://www.mdc4cv.com