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The Scottish Semiconductor Supplier Forum
The Scottish Semiconductor Supplier Forum consists of many leading edge supplier companies and was established to meet a common desire to work together to address the keyindustry issuesand to further develop the supplier infrastructure.

Accurate Gas Control Systems Inc.
Accurate Gas Control Systems, Inc., established in 1982, is a leading manufacturer of precise gas temperature control and regulation equipment. We recognized the importance and need of precise temperature regulation and control of semiconductor process gases and developed what is now our core product group.

Our systems have revolutionized the semiconductor industry by providing solutions to accurately control gas delivery system temperatures. This allows continuous fabrication any time of the day all year long. Temperature control of gas delivery systems prevents condensation and assures stabilized delivery pressure.

Envirco Corporation
Envirco is known for product innovation and high quality. We manufacture a complete line of clean air systems for almost any application. Envirco commercialized the first cleanroom, the first laminar flow hospital suite, the first biological safety cabinet and the first low profile Fan Filter Unit. Today, we continue to be the leader in product technology. It's the combination of innovative products with superior service and support that makes Envirco the total clean air solution.

Jandel manufactures all sorts of resistivity measurement equipment for universities and laboratories, as well as for the world-wide semiconductor market.

Materials Development Corporation
Materials Development Corporation was founded in 1970 by a group of faculty and graduate students from some of the most prestigious universities in Southern California. MDC is responsible for a number of innovations in the semiconductor measurement field.

In 1980 when the industry was still using hot plates to warm their process baths we introduced the first quartz constant temperature MODUBATH. Since then the wet processing standard has progressed from static baths to the more dynamic recirculating baths. This product evolution reflects not only the industry's move to more cost effective processing but also Modutek's continued approach of finding new process solutions to the ever-changing demands of the industry.

The Persys Group
Persys (Performance Systems) Technology was established in 1988 by former Intel engineers with many years of experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Persys specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of peripheral equipment for semiconductor manufacturers, such as Motorola, NSC, Siemens, Digital, TI, BTI, SGS Thomson, Hyundai, Winbond and others. Located in Jerusalem’s Advanced Science Based Industrial Park, the facility comprises mechanical, assembly and QC workshops, an electronics lab, chemical lab, clean room and stores.

Since 1974, Poly-Flow Engineering Inc. has been at the forefront of innovation and technology serving the needs of the rapidly changing semiconductor industry

Chemikal Underground Records

Scotlands most influential independent record label. Home of the Delgados, Arab Strap and Malcolm MIddleton. Chemikal introduced Mogwai and Bis to the discerning indie afficianado.

Chem 19 Recording Studios

Based in Hamilton, only 12 miles from the centre of Glasgow, Chemikal Underground Records' own Chem19 Studio offers 2 fully equipped rehearsal rooms and multitrack recording studio. The recording studio has recently been upgraded and now features a Pro Tools HD2 system alongside a 24 track 2" analogue tape machine