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AC 10 IQ - The World's First Smart Fan Filter Unit


The MAC 10 IQ is the world's first smart fan filter unit. With its microcomputer controlled GE ECM motor, the MAC 10 IQ dynamically adjusts itself to maintain the airflow you set, compensating for changes in static pressure, filter loading, energy fluctuations or other local conditions. Competitively priced, the MAC 10 IQ gives you low noise, low energy consumption, and a low profile with high performance and built-in intelligent control.

A Whole New FFU
It's the combination of the GE ECM motor and Envirco forward curve fan that make the MAC 10 IQ intelligent and efficient. This unique merger combines Envirco's expertise in FFUs with GE's expertise with brushless DC electric motors.

The GE ECM motor with internal microcomputer provides the lowest energy consumption available (80 watts), high performance and long motor life. Like the original MAC 10, the IQ offers low noise levels (49 dBA), due to Envirco's patented VE5 baffling technology.

Constant Airflow
Unlike conventional induction motors, GE's ECM motor regulates itself by automatically changing its torque and speed to maintain a set level of constant airflow over a wide range of external static pressures. You can choose to have each MAC 10 IQ preprogrammed to the rate of airflow you select or add an optional digital speed controller.

By preprogramming the MAC 10 IQ, you can dramatically minimize the time it takes for initial airflow balancing. And the MAC 10 maintains airflow so constantly and consistently the need for future balancing is greatly reduced. With the digital speed controller, you can use the correlated velocity feature to gain infinite control and fine tuning capabilities for each FFU, changing the airflow yourself whenever you like.

Whichever method you select, the MAC 10 IQ will help you to efficiently and easily maintain the balance in your cleanroom and still exceed IES RP-2 recommendations. With its unique constant airflow feature, the MAC 10 IQ is also an ideal component for mini-environments.

Programmable GE ECM brushless DC motor with internal microprocessor
Constant airflow over a wide range of external static pressures
Lowest power consumption FFU at 80 watts
Low noise at 49 dBA
Global GE service
Forward inclined centrifugal-type fan
Durable aluminium lid and body
Walkable plenum
1.00" w.g. of external static capability at 90 FPM
Exceeds IES RP-2
UL listed and CE marked



Digital Speed Controller
Infinite control of airflow with correlated velocity

Power Cord
Convenient plug-in for non-permanent applications

ULPA Filtre
99.9995% efficiency for critical applications

Airflow Indicator Light
Monitors unit operation

Voltages for Worldwide Applications
120V, 240V, and 277V, 1 phase voltages available

While Envirco has introduced a variety of proprietary products, one of its most successful continues to be the MAC 10 family of fan filter units. MAC 10 FFus are used worldwide for critical apllications in the semiconductor and disk drive industries. The MAC 10 IQ joins the original MAC 10, the MAC 10e3 and the RSR. MAC 10 IQ