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Low Noise Low Profile Fan Filter Unit
With its low profile and low noise level, Envirco's original MAC10 is the best value available worldwide. The 2' x 4' standard has a slim profile of under 13" (311mm). Tested with the optional speed control, this unit is below NC45 at 50dBA, measured 30" (762mm) from the filter set at a rated flow of 90FPM (0.45m/s). It is the only low profile fan filter unit that has achieved such a low noise level at 90 FPM (0.45m/s).

The MAC 10 is the original, modular, self-powered fan filter unit. MAC 10 FFUs have always been the leaders in technology, low noise and quality. Patented VE5 baffling technology gives the original MAC 10 uniform airflow across the filter face and attenuates sound for the lowest noise level in the industry. It's this superior technology, combined with quality construction and excellent customer service that have made the MAC 10 the best-known FFU in the world.

The original MAC 10 is joined by the other members of the MAC 10 family - the MAC 10 e3, the RSR, and 4'x4'. Envirco has MAC 10s that fit your application, whatever it may be.

Like all MAC 10s, the original MAC 10 offers superior quality in design, technology and construction.

RSR models minimize downtime since they make quick filter changes possible while the unit is in place. They are ideal for areas with limted access or in applications where frequent filter changes are required.

ULPA filters and stainless steel protective screens are available for hospital, pharmaceutical and other critical applications.

Solid State Variable Speed Control
Saves energy and extends filter life.(Standard feature on the MAC 10 2'x2').

A/C Collar
Allows direct connection to A/C supply. 12" (305mm) diameter. (Speed control required and prefilter deleted with this option).

Painted aluminium or stainless steel construction

ULPA Filter
removes particles 0.12 micron or larger at 99.9995% efficiency for critical applications.

Challenge Port
permits convenient aerosol challenge and HEPA filter testing.

Knife Edge
For gel Track ceiling grid systems.

Envirco provides customers worldwide with a complete line of high quality uni-directional airflow products for the microelectronics, semiconductor, disk drive, medical device, and pharmaceutical markets. Since we commercialized the first cleanroom over 30 years ago, we have continued to innovate with a series of firsts in uni-directional airflow product technology. We continually add new products and improve existing products with new technology in order to keep ahead of customers' ever changing needs.