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1 Low Noise Low Profile Fan Filter Unit
2 MAC 10 IQ - The World's First Smart Fan Filter Unit

MAC 10
While Envirco has introduced a variety of proprietary products to its markets in recent years, one of its most successful offerings continues to be the MAC 10. The MAC 10 Fan Filter Unit is used worldwide for the most critical cleanroom applications in the semiconductor and disk drive industries. It features uniform airflow and ultra low sound and vibration in a low profile package.

Introducing the new MAC10 - I.Q.
80 Watts Power Consumption @ 0.45m/s @ 48dBa
New "Ge Fanuc" motor
Self - regulating motor for constant airflow
New central control option for multi unit installations using new "evolution controller" package and "GE cimplicity" software system
Still very competively priced for Europe
Available from stock as of April 2000

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