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Accurate Gas Control Systems
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AGM Series Chiller/Heater Recirculator
AGM Series Chiller/Heater Recirculator
Typical applications include:
Etcher Cooling
CVD Cooling
Power Supply Cooling
Gas Cylinder Cooling/Heating
Medical Equipment Cooling
Laser Cooling

The AGM Chiller/Heater Recirculators provide a reliable solution for temperature control of semiconductor process tools or any equipment which requires cooling or heating. The chiller/heater can be utilized as stand alone unit or multiple units can be stacked and cabinet mounted for centralized temperature control. The AGM features 20,000 hours MTBF, I/O port options and a small footprint. The temperature control of the AGM is accurate and stable (+-2°C).

The AGM Recirculators operate in a closed loop, saving water and allowing a wide temperature control range.

The control system provides several safety features, displays temperature setpoint values, process temperature values and alarm messages. The controller is easily programmed with clearly stated prompt messages. Factory support is provided around the world. Please contact Accurate GAs Control Systems, Inc. with your specific requirements for other options.