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Accurate Gas Control Systems
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1 The Solution to Gas Condensation
2 Model AGT354C Chiller/Heater Recirculator
3 AGM Series Chiller/Heater Recirculator
4 Jackets for Any Size Cylinder
5 Dimension Planner
6 Insulation Blankets
7 MegaFlow - Bulk Speciality Gas Heater System
8 AccuTrace™ Heat Tracing Systems
9 AccuTrace™ Heat Trace - Theory of Operation
10 Technical Reprint - Control of Gas Delivery System Temperatures For Improved Process Control

Accurate Gas Control Systems, Inc., established in 1982, is a leading manufacturer of precise gas temperature control and regulation equipment. Michael Shepherd, founder and CEO of our company, recognized the importance and need of precise temperature regulation and control of semiconductor process gases and developed what is now our core product group.

Our systems have revolutionized the semiconductor industry by providing solutions to accurately control gas delivery system temperatures. This allows continuous fabrication any time of the day all year long. Temperature control of gas delivery systems prevents condensation and assures stabilized delivery pressure.

For more information on Accurate Gas product lines visit their website at http://www.accurategas.com