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An Introduction
Formed in 1984, Silicon Glen Technology supply a wide range of equipment and services to the semiconductor and related industries.

We also provide process technology, process training and clean room consultancy services. We organize Semiconductor Process Technology and Failure Analysis training courses.

Our equipment is used to make:
Semiconductor devices
Optoelectronic devices
MEMs and Sensors
Wafers (silicon & III/V)
Flat panel displays

We also work with:
Universities & Colleges
Research Establishments

Analytical laboratories
Clean room designers/architects

Some Examples of uses:

Process chamber parts cleaning
Wafer cleaning
Surface analysis
Sheet resistance measurement
Failure Analysis

Wafer Carrier and Box Cleaning

Chemical heating
Gas lines heating
Pump line heating
Exhaust line heating
Provision of clean air, spot
   applications or entire clean room





SGT Silicon Glen Technology Ltd

 3rd Floor, Brook Street Studios,

60 Brook Street

Glasgow G40 2AB

Tel 0141 550 2378  Fax 0141 550 1918

Email:  mail@sgtsiliconglen.com  



We are pleased to announce our renewed association with Process Control Corporation. PCC specialise in providing innovative and economic systems for measurements susch as

4-Point Probe, Film Thickness and Wafer Probing.


We are pleased to announce that following Poly-Flow’s acquisition of Entegris line of peripheral cleaning equipment, we have taken over the responsibility for these products in Northern Europe.

Entegris systems are used to clean

  • Wafer carriers and boxes
  • Process cassettes
  • SMIF Pods
  • Mask and reticle Carriers
  • Disc carriers and shippers

Poly-Flow Engineering, has been a leader in the semiconductor industry for more than 34 years providing cutting edge high-tech cleaning equipment and chemical delivery systems.

We will be updating this site in due course; in the meantime please visit www.polyflow.com for more information.